Pollen is an important cause of allergic rhinitis. We quantify and identify pollen, microbes, and volatile organic compounds tp better survey and forecast pollen levels in Sherbrooke.

We are on the field now! Sampling is currently active in Montreal, Sherbrooke, Québec, and Chicoutimi.


1. Identify the direct and indirect impacts of urban green infrastructure diversity on bioaerosol diversity and quantity (e.g. pollen, microbes).

2. Test whether these bioaerosols are correlated with the incidence of asthma and pollen allergies in urban populations.

On a gradient of social inequalities in three Canadian cities (Sherbrooke, Montreal and Quebec), we will:

(1) Compile indicators of tree diversity using advanced ground and 3D remote sensing approaches;

(2) Identify and quantify microbes, pollen and airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by urban trees;

(3) Measure the relationships between tree diversity, bioaerosols, and public health (i.e., asthma and allergy prevalence);

(4) Disseminate our results through an application that will allow end users to estimate the health value of urban design scenarios at the neighborhood level;