Principal InvestigatorPr. Isabelle Laforest-Lapointe
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Research ProfessionalsEma Lussier (Full Time)PostdocDr. Maria Faticov PhDMorgane Enea Jérémy Fraysse (co-advised with Pr. Alain Paquette)Gaële LajeunesseSarah Tardif (directed by Pr. Alain Paquette)Manijeh Mahdavi (directed by Pr. Éric Massé)Abdonaser Poursalavati (co-advised with Dr. Mamadou Fall)MScJacob Beauregard (co-advised with Dr. PL Chagnon)Sophie BoutinRebecca Dionne-Gagné (directed by Pr. Catherine Laprise)Samuel Malo (directed by Pr. Jean-Philippe Bellenger)Rosaëlle Perreault (co-advised with Pr. Peter Moffett)Sarah Poirier (co-advised with Pr. Catherine Girard)
Undergraduate StudentsMaude Alix-Joly (F23)Jonathan Rondeau-Leclaire (W22-S22-F22-W23-F23)